An experience beyond wealth

What we offer goes beyond investment guidance and managing your finances. It encompasses access to a premier selection of opportunities, and a comprehensive, personalized approach to ensure what you’ve built lasts.

Our Advantage

As your primary partner, we use our first-class network to optimize all aspects of your family and financial life. Working with us means access to exclusive investment options, cutting-edge technology, and highly-skilled experts.

Our Approach

We create customized plans that best suit your needs — we’ll never fit you into existing products and you’ll have flexibility over your investment decisions. Our clients trust us to always work in their best interests.

Our Results

Our family office team manages your strategic concerns at the highest level with the help of our best-in-class partners, while our portfolio managers offer sound financial guidance focused on your generational wealth goals.

Our Services

Skilled investment advice is critical to a successful wealth management experience, but it’s only part of the equation. Using our deep expertise and unparalleled network, we’re able to custom-build a plan to fit all of your unique needs and goals, with services including:

  • Tax, Trust, and Estate
  • Credit and Lending
  • Philanthropy
  • Family Services

Working with EPIQ doesn’t just cover an aspect of your life, but the totality of what matters to you.

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